Wavelengths 10" Split (Dday One + Glen Porter)

by Dday One | Glen Porter


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Wavelengths" is a sample-based interpretation of the four brainwave patterns (Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta) that our minds shift through daily.

The sound-scape begins with Los Angeles based producer Dday One's "Between Poles." The heaviness of the breaks represent the harsh reality of Beta, known as the waking state. With "Fall Forward," we descend to Alpha, the wave of relaxation, but not quite meditation, the gateway to deeper states.

Format: instrumental-hip-hop,beats,sample-based


released April 29, 2014

by Dday One and Glen Porter
Format: instrumental-hip-hop,beats,sample-based



Dday One Los Angeles, California

Dday One is an American music producer, DJ from Los Angeles, California. He is known for his instrumental sample-based beats. Using the Sampler as his sole instrument and mainly drawing from nature, Free Jazz and World Music, his compositional process is rooted in the lineages of classic Hip Hop production and Electro-Acoustic music. ... more

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